Fresh Pineapple & Habanero Hot Sauce


*15 to 20 small Habanero’s
* 2 white onions
* 1 large red bell pepper
* 5 cloves of garlic
* 3 plump tomatoes
* 1 ripe pineapple
* 1 spoon of cayenne powder
* 3 teaspoons of finely crushed szechuan peppercorns
* 5 to 10 twigs of thyme (preferably fresh)
* 3 teaspoons of salt (more if you like it salty)
* 150 ml of white vinegar
* olive oil for cooking

[Peppers can be changed ( lemonhabanero, madame Jeanette, Scotch Bonnet,..]


a large pan
a food processor or a blender.
Sterilized Bottles.

How To

Steps :

1. chop the bell pepper, onions, garlic and habanero’s
2. add everything in a food processor and mince (don’t make it too fine, just get rid of big chunks)
3. put the oil in a large pan, add the mince and simmer for +/- 10 minutes, you can add the salt, cayenne powder and szechuan pepper dust now, while that’s cooking …
4. chop the pineapple and tomatoes, put them in the food processor, mince and pour everything over into the pan with the simmering mix from step 1 (that should look a but reduced/shrunken)
5. add thyme (strip the twigs) and vinegar
6. stir and let simmer for 20 to 30 minutes
7. pour everything in a blender and mix like you would a mix soup

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